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i have been gone a long time.
life happens ,lots of it not fun or good. i was homeless for about 4 years. hopping from one place to the next.even landed in a shelter for a year. that was a nightmare . 

i tried to keep up but life was too busy ,surviving. i dont know if i intend on keeping the blog. 

in good news after over 5 years of ssd denial i landed it. and have been vary happily settled in my own apartment for the last 2 years. slowly building back my possessions like this computer. 
so now my art is more hobby driven than income driven(that never made me any money spite my efforts ). 

its been a time of enjoying what i have and loving it,appreciating it.


Mortis Niteo

A new edgy T design for you all to gander at!
Come take a look on the redbubble site to see all the color and styles of T's and this also can be ordered as a sticker.


Frost wallpaper/background : soultivity - ArtFire Digital Art

Frost wallpaper/background : soultivity - ArtFire Digital Art

Kicking into gear for the season! Made this one for your computer,nicely framed and boldly colored.
Not everything christmas is red and green, but i will try to make some of those as well. No fear!
Just hit that little link up there to scope out the shop.
The watermark in the middle is for copyright purposes for posting. Images do not have watermark when delivered.
Frost wallpaper/background


20% off white clothing sale and "christmas bun"

Please enjoy a 20% discount on all white apparel for the whole holiday season! That's all styles of adult tee, all kids tees, and of course hoodies. Everything cotton as long as it's white. There aren't even any codes to mess about with, it's all automatic. When you configure your tee purchase to white it will show the discounted amount. 20% off until December 25, that's more refreshing than a snowball in the face.
"Christmas bun" Fine Art Print by edith arnold [6292758-1] - RedBubble.com: "Cute fuzzy little bunny wearing a red santa hat and tree ornaments lay at bunny’s feet.
Created in gimp
available in print and T’s"
Greeting Card: Christmas bunTshirt: Christmas bun


Turkey day

A new card for the season!! And just in time before the end of the 15% off sale on previous post. Its all about the humor, the revenge of the turkeys!! One day they will strike back and laugh at out expense.
I hope you enjoy and have a great thanksgiving.