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Frost wallpaper/background : soultivity - ArtFire Digital Art

Frost wallpaper/background : soultivity - ArtFire Digital Art

Kicking into gear for the season! Made this one for your computer,nicely framed and boldly colored.
Not everything christmas is red and green, but i will try to make some of those as well. No fear!
Just hit that little link up there to scope out the shop.
The watermark in the middle is for copyright purposes for posting. Images do not have watermark when delivered.
Frost wallpaper/background


20% off white clothing sale and "christmas bun"

Please enjoy a 20% discount on all white apparel for the whole holiday season! That's all styles of adult tee, all kids tees, and of course hoodies. Everything cotton as long as it's white. There aren't even any codes to mess about with, it's all automatic. When you configure your tee purchase to white it will show the discounted amount. 20% off until December 25, that's more refreshing than a snowball in the face.
"Christmas bun" Fine Art Print by edith arnold [6292758-1] - RedBubble.com: "Cute fuzzy little bunny wearing a red santa hat and tree ornaments lay at bunny’s feet.
Created in gimp
available in print and T’s"
Greeting Card: Christmas bunTshirt: Christmas bun


Turkey day

A new card for the season!! And just in time before the end of the 15% off sale on previous post. Its all about the humor, the revenge of the turkeys!! One day they will strike back and laugh at out expense.
I hope you enjoy and have a great thanksgiving.


Teddy,oh so loved teddy

We all have had a loved one in out childhood that was at our side best friend and fave toy. Teddy bears are one of the most beloved toy for children next to dolls and blankies. Not only a childs best friend but all so cute on clothing. Baby clothes with babys friend printed on it or any other cute images. 

dont forget there are stickers too!!


"universal love"

I have been a busy bee lately taking lessons for my program GIMP. Many hours and days later Doing exciting new layering and coloring i come out with a new image with a different twist for my fractals. 
Today i show you "universal love"!
A wonderful stared background,gasses,stars,bursts,and deep rich color. The fractal purple shaded heart layes right in the middle of nowhere.

T's and stickers > http://www.redbubble.com/people/dragonassbabe/t-shirts/6095703-2-universal-love-t


blue galaxy

link >> "blue galaxy" viewing/buy page

Newly added to the gallery,featured by fractal abstracts group.
"blue galaxy" is made of many renders of fractal bubbles,spirals and with layers of fog and color editing. All made with Apophysis and GIMP programs.
see "blue galaxy" up close > http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/6056935-greeting-card


new scenery

I have a new addition to the scenery collection to add. This time it is in all prints! Before i had only made it small to try it out and it seems to be a fave among friends, so why not keep doing it. Some of the group admin thought one to be a photo! lol Sorry no, no photos here. Though i would like to get a decent camera some time and maybe work that in. But for today you have only fractrals.
These are made with many renders,making pieces that i can arrange on a blank canvas in gimp.For a roundabout 2500x3200 pixal image, it took a long time to render out these pieces. Actually took less time putting it together.

"summer evergreens"


San Francisco gallery show

San Francisco gallery show is open tomorrow at noon. My work is displayed there and will be thrown out into the streets to unknowing lucky people by bicyclers. 
Over 1700 pieces of art work and 0ver 100 artists mailed them in.
the list of artists


Rodrigo Aguilar
Rhiannon Alpers
Robert Angermuller
Edith Arnold
Donne Bagaloyos
Michael Baltazar
Alan Barta
Helen Baziotou
Duane Beard
Katharina Belker
Todd Berman
L. Bersamina
Brooke Budner
Jen Burks
Ginger R. Burrell
Jessie Chernetsky
Nancy Christensen
Hanna Clark
Alan Glover Daniel
Luz De la Garma
Brian Dela Cruz
Delphine Delga
Sophia Dixon Dillo
Cyril Djemaoun
Antoine Duthoit
Pat Falco
Melinda Farrar
Kenn Ferguson
Kimberly Fredricks
Marcy B. Freedman
Funky kitty productions
Katy German
Gloria Glitzer
Molly Goldberg
Martin Göpfert
Ilse Guerrero
Hamacher H.
Sam Hart
Debbie Hartwig
Carrie Helse
Rachel Hines
K James
Travis Janssen
Amy Block Joy
Mike Kabler
Marie Kelzer
Jamie Q & James Kirkpatrick
Katherine Kornas
Capp Larsen
Mai Le
Laurel Lee
A. Legg
Yann LeGrand
April Lemly


silver heart wallpaper/background

Brightly colored,silver heart has a rainbow textured background,yellow fractal and a blue silver heart in the center. ready for the grabbing for $10 it can be all yours!

made with apophysis,gimp and inkscape



New "dizzy" T psychedelic colors and a great design for the back of hoodies! Made with apophysis and edited with gimp and inkscape.
Buying 4 T-Shirts gets you FREE SHIPPING
 also on baby and kid clothes
even stickers!!!


"rainbow grow" stickers

Everything You Need To Know About Stickers

You have not been deceived, these really are individual die-cut stickers. It's quite revolutionary, & while we have your attention we'd like to explain a few things.
The grey line around the graphic is our cut mark, your sticker will look exactly as above, so some designs may be more than one piece. They will be printed to fit best on a 3x4" template, so a square image will have a maximum size of 3x3". The designs will have 3mm of white padding around them which is included in the overall size. We will also never enlarge an image, if the design is 1x1" that's the size it will print.
The material is a tough, white, premium vinyl sticker, good for almost any very flat surface, windows, smooth walls and laptops are ideal; bricks and wood not so. They are removable and can be taken down with little to no residue, but they're not designed to be re-stuck. We obviously can't guarantee all surfaces, some common sense will be necessary. Outdoors they'll last for at least 18 months.
We do not print white, as the material itself is already, so any designs that utilise white may appear quite odd and are best avoided.
Get sticking then.

rainbow grow

a new T-shirt has been added to the collection!! check out the new "rainbow grow" as also a sticker or baby/kids clothing.
All our adult clothing is 100% cotton American Apparel goodness, and available in cuts to suit men and women. They're sweatshop free and extraordinarily soft, and we know that both of these things matter to you. Wash them cold and hang them up to dry, it'll keep them looking great, and is quite good for the environment too.
Win win. 

Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Classic_girlClassic Girl is our young women's line. Sizing is always controversial when it comes to women's tees, so please excuse our directness. Classic Girl is not a "junior's" line. It is designed for women of all ages who desire a youthful fit. Because our fabrics are stretchy (especially our baby rib, which has a stretch factor of over 100%), each size can fit a wide range of women. When Classic Girl T-shirts are to be used to promote an event, our Medium/One Size (indicated by M/OS) is suggested, as it fits approximately 80% of women.
Chest (cm)39cm42cm45cm48cm51cm
Front body length (cm)65cm67cm69cm70cm73cm
Chest (inches)15-1/2"16-1/2"17-3/4"18-3/4"20-1/4"
Front body length (inches)25-3/4"26-3/8"27"27-5/8"28-3/4"
Chest measurements are armpit to armpit when the t-shirt is laid flat.

Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Standard_americanStandard American is our unisex line. Most contemporary T-shirts are sized for the Boomer Generation (former hippies who are now in the "relaxed mode"). Our Standard American T-shirts are sized for two categories: men of all ages who desire a youthful fit and women of all ages who do not desire the form-fitting look of Classic Girl, but refuse to wear the oversized, unshapely T-shirts of the other leading brands. The Standard American line is designed in the same way T-shirts were in the '70s and '80s, when the Boomers were younger.
Chest (cm)46cm51cm56cm61cm66cm71cm
Front body length (cm)72cm75cm77cm80cm82cm85cm
Chest (inches)18"20"22"24"26"28"
Front body length (inches)28-3/8"29-3/8"30-3/8"31-3/8"32-3/8"33-3/8"
Chest measurements are armpit to armpit when the t-shirt is laid flat.

Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts

The long sleeve version of our unisex/men's T-shirt. I could write some new copy about how amazing they are, but it would be pretty much the same as the paragraph above. Take our unisex T-Shirt and just make the sleeves longer - sizing, fabric and fit are all exactly the same, though unfortunately XXXL and some colors are not available. They're slightly more expensive because you get more sleeve.
Chest (cm)46cm51cm56cm61cm66cm
Front body length (cm)72cm75cm77cm80cm82cm
Chest (inches)18"20"22"24"26"
Front body length (inches)28-3/8"29-3/8"30-3/8"31-3/8"32-3/8"
Chest measurements are armpit to armpit when the t-shirt is laid flat.

Unisex V-Neck T-Shirts

The V-Neck version of our unisex/men's T-shirt. I could write some new copy about how amazing they are, but it would be pretty much the same as the paragraphs above. Sizing, fabric and fit are all exactly the same, though unfortunately larger sizes, and some colors are not available. If you're getting a sense of deja vu, you're probably right.
Chest (cm)42cm46cm51cm56cm61cm
Front body length (cm)69cm72cm73cm76cm79cm
Chest (inches)16-5/8"18-1/8"20-1/8"22-1/8"24-1/8"
Front body length (inches)27-1/4"28-3/8"28-7/8"30"31"
Chest measurements are armpit to armpit when the t-shirt is laid flat.

Unisex Pullover Hoodie

The California Fleece Pullover Hoody is an incredibly long name, but then it's an incredible good product. It's unisex, 100% fleece cotton, (gets softer when you wash it don't you know) has a fancy kangaroo pocket and matching drawstrings for doing excellent Kenny impressions. It's a similar size construction to the Standard American unisex t-shirt, but you may find you want it baggier and therefore one size up may be preferable. It's a lightweight hoody, hence the 'California' reference, but still cosy as a log fire.
Front Body Length59cm62cm64cm67cm69cm
Chest Width47cm52cm57cm62cm67cm
Front Body Length (inches)23-1/4"24-1/4"25-1/4"26-1/4"27-1/4"
Chest Width (inches)18-1/2"20-1/2"22-1/2"24-1/2"26-1/2"
Some colors may not be available in all sizes

Exciting information about Baby & Kids clothing

The children's apparel is all 100% ring-spun combed cotton, constructed once again by American Apparel, so they're sweatshop free and extraordinarily soft. We tell you because we know you care about the clothes your children wear. It's really a boutique quality garment don't you know. 

Baby Lap Shoulder Clothing

The One-Piece is crafted from 100% ring-spun combed cotton with three reinforced snap buttons. Available in short and long sleeve at 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 month. We've provided some measurements here, but we appreciate babies have a habit of being arbitrary sizes, so we'd like to tell you these are super soft and quite stretchy as well. And it has a lap shoulder to fit their exceptionally large baby heads through. The Baby T-Shirt, as well as being impossible cute, is constructed exactly as the One-Piece above, same size range, same lap shoulder, just as soft and stretchy. It's really a delicate, high end look that sets it apart from other baby tees. We do things properly around here.
Shrinkage: These items will shrink an average of one size if you put them in the dryer.
Front Body Length (inches)13"14"15"15-3/4"
Chest Width (inches)8-1/4"9"9-3/4"10-1/4"
Back Body Length (inches)16-7/8"17-7/8"18-7/8"19-5/8"
Front Body Length (cm)33cm36cm38cm40cm
Chest Width (cm)21cm23cm25cm26cm
Back Body Length (cm)43cm45cm48cm50cm

Baby T-Shirt
Front Body Length (inches)10-1/8"11-1/8"12-1/8"12-7/8"
Chest Width (inches)8-1/4"9"9-3/4"10-1/4"
Front Body Length (cm)26cm28cm31cm33cm
Chest Width (cm)21cm23cm25cm26cm

Kids T-Shirts

Once again a superior 100% ring-spun combed cotton with a durable rib neckband. This is simply a smaller version of the already immensely popular adult unisex American Apparel t-shirt. Available in sizes 2/4/6/8/10 and 12 years. Although your child may not be obeying the normal laws of growth so here are the garment measurements to assist your purchasing.
Front Body Length (inches)16-7/8"18"19-1/8"20-3/4"22"23-1/4"
Chest Width (inches)12-1/2"13-1/2"14-1/2"15-5/8"16-5/8"17-5/8"
Front Body Length (cm)43cm46cm49cm53cm56cm59cm
Chest Width (cm)32cm34cm37cm40cm42cm45cm

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