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newist in gallory

the new piece is ribbon dance. a fractal that looks like floral ribbon heaped in a pile in the most wonderful way. iridescent and shining as it winds back and fourth.

wonderful news today. another challenge has come up in redbubble. spring flowers is the theme. no photoshop manipulations. i have 3 days till it opens and who knows how long till voting starts. next 3 days ore going to be intense concentration on apophysis program to try and create a image for the challenge. winner gets featured and $20 redbubble voucher. i hope i can get it would help me to promote.

link to redbubble gallory, you can click browse art or just next to see everything so far created.


looking for the perfect line

making these pictures can be difficult or easy. depending on what you see. looking for the perfect line and color combination can be quite difficult at times.
for each mutation option gives you a diffrent result, your not sure which to pick. at least till your familiar with the program. looking for that crisp line and smooth glow isnt always there. to re-open another batch or starter flame, and start all over. most of the time i have an idea in mind, an image or direction. some scripts are predictable and easly manipulated. leaned twards those at first and targeted the easyest to learn. all that is left is the difficult ones and learning the scripts.
scripts are not easy for me to read and wright. looked up toturals and examples. one was the clock. easy directions and a pre made fractal to work with. the clock moves and hands move by the time you follow the directions and compleet. looks like it should be a sinch. animation takes more than i realized when it comes to fractals.so this week i was attempting to learn how to wright scripts and animate. got an idea how it goes. but not down pat yet lol.


adding to posts and networking

slowly but surly adding to etsy to get the word out. slow but i think it will be a good investment. finding that the more i add to all the sites i go to and play games and socialize have payed off. I will probably get sales because of this.
Now i have found there are some out there that absolutely believe fractals are not an art or art form medium at all. yesterday checking my listing on ebay i found something disturbing. In the forums i introduced myself and talked abit of where i came from and wanted to meet people.
this one guy is insistent that fractals are no art. threatening me with plagiarism and not having rights to my art. other artists of the forum stepped up and defended my art. telling him that it don't matter what the medium is. you use paint brush and paint. so because you didn't create that paint and brush. does this mean you art you painted isn't yours?
which made a great point. cant disregard a art and say its not real because of the medium. what about those scrap yard artists? they use items from old cars and appliances, those are copyrighted to big company's. but in a changed form,alone and melded into another form is what creates the parts into something else. now a creation of the artist. we all use something we didn't make weather it is paint,glue,paper,metal, all our basic of materials come from somewhere. it don't just appear out of thin air lol.
Other than that networking has been great. the other sellers at etsy are welcoming. and it was nice to have someone defend me on my behalf at ebay. There are still good people out there lol :). and i thanked them for what they did.


etsy shop

opened etsy for the etsy lovers. still running prints out of redbubble.
have discovered ebay is worthless. forums ate useless. and traficing from out side the sellers is impossable. rude people are common. the first person that spoke to me was snotty.
so by far etsy is worth investing in. far better enviroment.

sections of store are for example and display images that are available

now more options available.for almost every image....
(some images are cards only)
greeting cards
4"x6" $2.39 each
5"x7.5" $3.60 each

post cards 4"x6" $1.92 each

matted prints 12.8"x8.6" $28.50

laminated print
small 10.6"x8" $17.10
med 15.89"x12" $28.50
large 21.19"x16" $54.72

mounted print
small 12"x8" $45.60
med 18"x12" $62.70
large 24"x16" $85.50

small 12"x8" $68.40
med 18"x12" $91.20
large 24"x16" $125.40
x-large 30"x20" $153.90

framed print
small 12"x8" $91.20
med 18"x12" $114.00
large 24"x16" $153.90
frame color options~~~black,charcoal,mocha,walnut and cherry.
matte color options~~black or white.

poster 23.30"x15.53" $22.80

shipping price varies on size of product.
shipping round world depends on country inquary more by contact.

to place an order of a print size or item not listed e-mail me at arnoldedith [!at] yahoo.com or use priviate requests.
i do not have microsoft to use email from ets


soultivity web site


available prints in posters,greeting cards,post cards,mounted prints,laminated prints,canvas, matted,T's and hoodies.

i may accept specal requests please dont hesitate to ask.


i am a fractal artist generating unique pictures of abstract and colorful art. the begginings of soultivity are small and humbel. creating the start of the store out of necessity.
my troubles began a few years back when i lost my factory job because of a back injory. lost everything due to this. gringing in and our renters. moving place to place trying to find a way. fighting doctors to help me. about 4 years later i ended up in a neighbor town with new friends and took me to a difrent hospital. this bringing a good outcome of bad news. spinal compression to the degree of one more month i would no longer have use of my legs. imediate correction was done.
from there now not allowed to physicaly work labor. began searching for new ways. a few friends on a forum guided me twards my art. showing them what i like to do for fun. what i liked for fun ended up being good enuff to sell. encuraging me to do so and this is my answer to my prayers. i took the advice and began research. pulling everything together and making this happen. i now have product!
the printer i chose to have does wonderful work on my art. everything professionaly presented,printed,named. i have even ordered some myself , of course i want to see my own work before everyone else lol!! to my surprise how lovely they were.
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