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slowly but surly adding to etsy to get the word out. slow but i think it will be a good investment. finding that the more i add to all the sites i go to and play games and socialize have payed off. I will probably get sales because of this.
Now i have found there are some out there that absolutely believe fractals are not an art or art form medium at all. yesterday checking my listing on ebay i found something disturbing. In the forums i introduced myself and talked abit of where i came from and wanted to meet people.
this one guy is insistent that fractals are no art. threatening me with plagiarism and not having rights to my art. other artists of the forum stepped up and defended my art. telling him that it don't matter what the medium is. you use paint brush and paint. so because you didn't create that paint and brush. does this mean you art you painted isn't yours?
which made a great point. cant disregard a art and say its not real because of the medium. what about those scrap yard artists? they use items from old cars and appliances, those are copyrighted to big company's. but in a changed form,alone and melded into another form is what creates the parts into something else. now a creation of the artist. we all use something we didn't make weather it is paint,glue,paper,metal, all our basic of materials come from somewhere. it don't just appear out of thin air lol.
Other than that networking has been great. the other sellers at etsy are welcoming. and it was nice to have someone defend me on my behalf at ebay. There are still good people out there lol :). and i thanked them for what they did.

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