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i am a fractal artist generating unique pictures of abstract and colorful art. the begginings of soultivity are small and humbel. creating the start of the store out of necessity.
my troubles began a few years back when i lost my factory job because of a back injory. lost everything due to this. gringing in and our renters. moving place to place trying to find a way. fighting doctors to help me. about 4 years later i ended up in a neighbor town with new friends and took me to a difrent hospital. this bringing a good outcome of bad news. spinal compression to the degree of one more month i would no longer have use of my legs. imediate correction was done.
from there now not allowed to physicaly work labor. began searching for new ways. a few friends on a forum guided me twards my art. showing them what i like to do for fun. what i liked for fun ended up being good enuff to sell. encuraging me to do so and this is my answer to my prayers. i took the advice and began research. pulling everything together and making this happen. i now have product!
the printer i chose to have does wonderful work on my art. everything professionaly presented,printed,named. i have even ordered some myself , of course i want to see my own work before everyone else lol!! to my surprise how lovely they were.

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