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looking for the perfect line

making these pictures can be difficult or easy. depending on what you see. looking for the perfect line and color combination can be quite difficult at times.
for each mutation option gives you a diffrent result, your not sure which to pick. at least till your familiar with the program. looking for that crisp line and smooth glow isnt always there. to re-open another batch or starter flame, and start all over. most of the time i have an idea in mind, an image or direction. some scripts are predictable and easly manipulated. leaned twards those at first and targeted the easyest to learn. all that is left is the difficult ones and learning the scripts.
scripts are not easy for me to read and wright. looked up toturals and examples. one was the clock. easy directions and a pre made fractal to work with. the clock moves and hands move by the time you follow the directions and compleet. looks like it should be a sinch. animation takes more than i realized when it comes to fractals.so this week i was attempting to learn how to wright scripts and animate. got an idea how it goes. but not down pat yet lol.

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