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business card trial

i ordeda small pack of cards from moo.com. they had a promo of 10 free cards so i took them lol. i got the cards today in the mail and opened directly and thought "where should i put these?".
    i was out to pick up mail at box,go to pharmacy. post office isnt the place i thought. but the pharmacy is! the building has both pharmacy and dr offices, the idea was they decorate offices and waiting rooms maybe they could use a new touch of art. never know eather when a personal office or room needs more wall decorating and some one is looking. think wow my art at a busy place and waiting rooms that sounds great.lots of peopel can see.
   my 2nd location on the way home dawned on me. the gas station tha the whole town goes to. the let people post on the wall of selling items,concerts,services ect. so i went there and talked to the manager. i gave her the other half of the cards and told her i was an artist selling prints of cards,canvas,posters ect. she said she be happy to put a card onthe board and the rest behind the counter. that made me vary happy and i thanked her for the 3rd time and left.
     i kept one card for me as a keep sake. the first card with my logo and store name ever printed.  even if you havent sold yet or may never that sure does feal good. i really feal my rewards of my efforts even if i dont have a sale. i have biz cards with my store name, i have post cards and greeting cards with my art on them and my name, a poster and a laminated print. i have seen professional prints of my art. that makes you feal so good and that is the reward. that is your hard work out there. somehting to show for your hard work as well.
       a good thought for everyone, dont feal down and out because it hasnt taken off yet, or you havent made any sales. ther is time yet you are out there in the market it will happen eventually. order your work,make your work, keep a few for you. feal good about it! you worked hard and earned at least that.


  1. Thanks Soul... I can certainly agree with what you're saying! Good Luck with the return from the Business Card drop.. do you have any local Libraries/galleries that might be willing to showcase your work? It's beautiful art, and I bet you'd get more publicity (and work) if you can put together an installation somewhere?

  2. there is a library but its no gallery. lol we do have a art center/gallery. not sure how they do things there. once i heard of something like a fair for them. maybe ill watch for that to come and check into it.
    thankyou for your comment and sugestion. just made my day :)


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