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to my surprise last week or so i had been featured is several groups in redbubble. these indipendant groups with in redbubble make features monthly usually and some have challenges to win feature with group logo and redbubble voucher. these were just regular features eather way i was happy to have. out of many other pics mine wasw one of the best? whew! thats a cool fealing! lol i always thought mine acompaired to others average, forgetting someone elses prespective may think other wise.
Featured 03-31-2010 at Flame Apophysis


wonderland was top ten featured with fractal paradise in a compitition.

the next comptition is a challenge of all fractal flower no photoshop editing/ adding manipulation. a strict apo picture. is a challenge, cross your fingers! lol :)
I will keep you posted. 

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