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link love for bloggers

i have decided to address this issue that lots of people are having problems searching for other bloggers of intrest. the search tab for blogger is insuficiant and a pain truthfully. we all want readers and we all want to know where the good reads are.
         so i am proposing link love for bloggers. i can not take all credit of the idea. love links is a web chain used by the crafters of fb,etsy,artfire,redbubble and so on. the crafty crafters have got the right idea. 
         i was in the help pages and forums for bloggers and noticed all having same issues and disliked how the system works. but the blog itself we like. so we can fix this and make a tab/page for link love.
after making you tab/page describe what link love is and how it works.
leave your address clearly seen and the next person to arrive can leave their link/blog address in comment box.
1.follow the ones before you

2.leave your link to your blog

3.if you do this to harm or spam do not post link. or even engage.

4.have fun and read read read. :) and comment back,it is appreciated.

5. dont forget to follow the blog you are leaving a link in.

6. make a page for linking "link love".
you post on mine with url, i go to yours and friends leave url, making a spider web network that links back to everyone.

starting -http://soultivity.blogspot.com/
oh and of course ypou are not expected to fave all, all the time. but this creates a accessable list.


  1. i love this idea.!(: thanks,
    here's my link.!
    please excuse the crappy post font
    im working on changing that.! (:


  2. Additional information is needed on how this works and what to post esactly... What do I do from here...?

  3. Okay, I am posting this and will then follow you!!

    www.scrappinamber.blogspot.com is my personal blog and
    www.portraitofagirlwhoscraps.blogspot.com is my scrapbooking blog!

    Great idea!!

  4. Hi all, come visit me at http://ididntdoithonest.blogspot.com/


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