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self promoting for everyone

i thought this might be a good start for all of us to share that are trying to start our own shops or biz.
i have been doing alot of foot work, or should say finger work, to find ways to promote.
it hasn't been easy and has taken all hours of the day to keep track,follow up,post,comment,network,update,and refresh images. and maybe there are others out there are just starting and have no clue just like me lol and hunting the net.
anyone that wants to use the ideas i have used or ad to the list feal free to do so.
for examples i am showing links to all my promoting.

etsy~~great community of sellers and welcoming all about promoting each other with link love to facebook

facebook~~link love to help networking and webbing make your own fan page.

press release~~i haven't done yet but looking into,a self promoting site that feeds out your advertising.

oddle~~a vary simple classifieds ads. got views already the first day i posted it.

myspace~~yes i know not many like it personally. but...it is completely customizable to create your image and promote. code in sale buttons,previews,movie images of your stuff and so much more.

ok now.... to make it easier for you. i spent hours looking for ways to customize myspace. ill give ya some starter sites to get ya on your way.

pimp my profile~~this will custom your background,boxes,and fonts for your page.
look around in this site there are many gadgets and widgets to use on your page once your done making it.

myspace pimper~~another as the last with widgets and apps.

i have found some codes don't work right either with your browser or just in general i don't know.
plug in your codes in the places it instructs, usually in "about me".
*hint* use your enter button 3 or 4 times after codes. this way you know where they spit and can delete later to change or if it don't work.

a new addition to the list.
i just found another way to network your blog through facebook.
called networkedblogs, it is a application in facebook with literly thousands of users of this app.
this i think will get you out of the loop of sellers into the buyers network.


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  2. This information on connecting a new business is very useful and I appreciate it.

  3. your welcome lol hope it to be of use to many.