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bring back

yet again i am bringing back an older piece. this is one of my favorites, "wonderland".
a scenery unfamiliar but beautiful with its vibrant colors stood out. funny thing about this one it is from when i was just starting with my programs and learning. this came out as a oops while working/playing lol. sometimes oops can be your best creation.


facebook freebies

hinking about hosting another freebee. what do you all think?
a banner? a avi? or another wallpaper?

follow on facebook and make your vote of what the next freebie should be!!
a completely custom item for you(the winner) when i decide to host this.
after a week or so on facebook. ill announce when the posting party will be to win the freebie.

Buy "LITTLE PIGGIE" Kids Clothes by Designer edith arnold [20006051] - RedBubble

Buy "LITTLE PIGGIE" Kids Clothes
your little one would liket this one. point out the little piggie and giggle! brightly colored to grab baby's attention,fun,and festive for the summer season.

The children's apparel is all 100% ring-spun combed cotton, constructed once again by American Apparel, so they're sweatshop free and extraordinarily soft. We tell you because we know you care about the clothes your children wear.


Buy "nightline train" Greeting Card by edith arnold [19932468] - RedBubble

Buy "nightline train" Greeting Card by edith arnold [19932468] - RedBubble


More Greeting Cards, Less Cash.

  • 4 greeting cards - 20% discount
  • 8 greeting cards - 30% discount
  • 16 greeting cards - 40% discount
You can choose a variety of images from the site but they do have to all be the same size; that's important.

hey're printed on marvellous matted card using state of the art digital printing technology so cutting edge that it still has that new car smell. They hold a remarkable external photo quality while retaining a wonderful writing surface on the inside. Posted ready to fold, each with their very own envelope, and packed with the high probability you'll be unable to part with them.
empty space on your office wall, distant friend, the humble postcard is more versatile than Optimus Prime. Available as a standard 4" x 6" and printed with the same technology and high degree of craftsmanship as the greeting card you know you won't be disappointed. The flip side is adorned with the image name and artists details and excellently positioned areas



a sorce of the energy and center of something more grand. 
a heart held in center radiating its energy.

like a scifi world of its own. this image is avaialble in cards,matted,framed,laminated,canvas.
i think it looks expecually sharp as a laminated or a framed peice.


grain banner/wallpaper

$5 "grain" banner. fractal tweeked and canged with lighting filters and a nova centering the banner setting off the words. to pick your own font for this banner you must visit artfire link<<.
all ya have to do is leave me a message on artfire of the font you liked,leave your email address, and make the order. ill get to work fixing up your personalized banner.
all web art is shipping free!!
that is what ill need your email for. once done ill email your banner to you.

*note* if you have a size requirement for your banners or avi"s you must leave me those dimentions (in pixals).


templates great for photos

i have had a bit of difficulty in this area to meet the needs for photos. for a while i was making my own through pimp my profile. but the size of the column was too small.
   it took me a bit to find a site that has some free templates that meet our needs to display photos. so i thought i would share with you. the one i am using now is called charcoal. what is vary nice about this one is the tabs. i was able to input my own web addresses so when clicked they take you directly to my buy sites. quite handy i think lol.
   now the rss feeds and 2 other buttons buy it i have not figured out yet how to get a rss feed or if i have one lol.
this template has instructions how to input all this information if you know how to access  your rss. the same with the tabs the instructions show you how to i put your url's in the script.

here is the link to the templates > 120 best free blogger templates
they are downloads that you up load in the blogger layout editor.

i would rather have my own images but yet to find one that has all these nifty extras


peering dragon

surprisingly not  made of many fractals. this is one single fractal manipulated to be the peering dragon you see.

available in both clothing and wall prints
wall prints>> http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/19807881
clothing and stickers>> http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/19808633



one of my favorite poets and wrighters, Edgar Allen Poe. read his work for many years and still do. inspiring, i decided to use my favorite quote of his for a new T and stickers design.


drainy stars

a good example of how i intend to make more designs for stickers. get that bang for your buck and grab these!!  redbuble has set up that T's turn into stickers on the site. so this means what ever i load up for a T , no matter how many i can fit in the template, you get that many stickers.
i got 6 stickers here for you fo drainy stars.
    remember they are residue free and can be peeled up!! go ahead a decorate your computer. it wont hurt it any.



i am so excited!! i love stickers and now we have them! Tdesings are now being turned into stickers and they look so cool. i have to get going on making more T designs so we have more options for stickers.

i am opening up stickers free for sugestions, so if you have any ideas you would like to see or have for stickers please let me know and post below. i will try to make any segestions for stickers i can. if i cant make your segestion ill let you know so ya can think of another one.

stickers also can be more than one for one design. my T hello friend ends up being 2 stickers for the same price as one. i will be trying to make your money worth your while and design more like this.

skulls together

Yes you have not been deceived,
 these really are individual die-cut 
stickers. It's quite revolutionary, 
and while we have your attention 
we'd like to explain a few things.
The grey line you can see around 
the graphic is our cut mark, your 
sticker will lookexactly as above. 
This means some designs may 
be more than one piece, which 
can be quite a lot of fun in its 
own right. They will be printed 
to fit best on a 3x4" template 
therefore we may rotate 90° to 
get it as big as possible. So a 
square image will have a maximum 
size of 3x3". The designs will have 
3mm of white padding around them
 which is included in the overall size.
 We will also never enlarge an image,
 so if the design is 1x1" that's the size
 it will print.
The material is a durable and 
removable PVC sticker, good for
 almost any really flat surface, 
windows, smooth walls, laptops 
are ideal; bricks and wood not so.
 But what exactly does 'removable'
 mean? Well, they are easy enough
 to peel up if necessary, especially 
off a nice surface like a laptop, and 
won't leave a residue, but they're 
not designed to be repeatedly moved. 


lovely darkness

lovely darkness created in fashion of gothic theme. dark and beautyful skulls and a flower. shadowed by a darkness looming from the edges.
buy>>>>     http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/18913932  postcards and greeting cards


pink masquerade

pink,pink,and more pink!!! pink lovers here ya go a wonderfully bright and colorful!!  
a masquerade feathered mask off set with butterflys. background bright and boldwith orange and pink,twinkleing.
Greeting Card: masquerade
Greeting Card: masquerade


skulls together

thought i posted it but maybe not lol. dont see it. ah well here it is. a randomly placed set of skulls little out of the ordinary. we are not ordinary anyways right? lol. thinking up some more odd ideas ill post them when i think them up. enjoy!


raidiant on desktop

i love this little snipit tool!! hehe a new toy to play with lol. this is raidiant  showing as wallpaper on my desktop.
radiant available to buy at http://www.artfire.com/users/soultivity
digital art for webpages. yours to use on web or your desktop of puter. images sent in attachment of e-mail becoming your digital file. no 2 images will ever be the same.

another feature

the newest creation featured so soon!! bugger was featured in a apophysis group on redbubble and must share my excitement. i only finished this piece  yesterday and uploaded it. so to my surprise found the anouncement  waiting for me in my inbox.


queen of hearts
$10 for this stunning heart for your desktop or web background.
this is what it looks like on my desktop.
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