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i am so excited!! i love stickers and now we have them! Tdesings are now being turned into stickers and they look so cool. i have to get going on making more T designs so we have more options for stickers.

i am opening up stickers free for sugestions, so if you have any ideas you would like to see or have for stickers please let me know and post below. i will try to make any segestions for stickers i can. if i cant make your segestion ill let you know so ya can think of another one.

stickers also can be more than one for one design. my T hello friend ends up being 2 stickers for the same price as one. i will be trying to make your money worth your while and design more like this.

skulls together

Yes you have not been deceived,
 these really are individual die-cut 
stickers. It's quite revolutionary, 
and while we have your attention 
we'd like to explain a few things.
The grey line you can see around 
the graphic is our cut mark, your 
sticker will lookexactly as above. 
This means some designs may 
be more than one piece, which 
can be quite a lot of fun in its 
own right. They will be printed 
to fit best on a 3x4" template 
therefore we may rotate 90° to 
get it as big as possible. So a 
square image will have a maximum 
size of 3x3". The designs will have 
3mm of white padding around them
 which is included in the overall size.
 We will also never enlarge an image,
 so if the design is 1x1" that's the size
 it will print.
The material is a durable and 
removable PVC sticker, good for
 almost any really flat surface, 
windows, smooth walls, laptops 
are ideal; bricks and wood not so.
 But what exactly does 'removable'
 mean? Well, they are easy enough
 to peel up if necessary, especially 
off a nice surface like a laptop, and 
won't leave a residue, but they're 
not designed to be repeatedly moved. 

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