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templates great for photos

i have had a bit of difficulty in this area to meet the needs for photos. for a while i was making my own through pimp my profile. but the size of the column was too small.
   it took me a bit to find a site that has some free templates that meet our needs to display photos. so i thought i would share with you. the one i am using now is called charcoal. what is vary nice about this one is the tabs. i was able to input my own web addresses so when clicked they take you directly to my buy sites. quite handy i think lol.
   now the rss feeds and 2 other buttons buy it i have not figured out yet how to get a rss feed or if i have one lol.
this template has instructions how to input all this information if you know how to access  your rss. the same with the tabs the instructions show you how to i put your url's in the script.

here is the link to the templates > 120 best free blogger templates
they are downloads that you up load in the blogger layout editor.

i would rather have my own images but yet to find one that has all these nifty extras

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