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have a great wednesday

a free day of the week greeting card. make someones day and send a pretty card wishing them a great day!


free artist's photo!!

here we go the first free item for my blog!! randomly im going to post a free item for you my fellow followers!
today is "bubbles"
all i ask is you dont tamper with my signature at the corner and leave me a comment on what you think.
thats it. its all yours to do with. post as your profile pic on fb, or in your blog to show off. anything you want.
also a direct link to full size image if you have trouble seeing it >> http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/9830/bubblesfreepic.jpg


planetary birth

for our new discounts for this week i got another T for you!
"planetary birth" clothing from S-XXXL.baby,2-12 yr old,hoodies and many colors to choose from.
get your T before the week is out!


Our new super exciting 10% discount on hoodies, kids clothes and teeshas probably got you excited, but just to make sure we'd like to give you a voucher for a further 10% off.
A grand total of 20% off,Your fancy 10% discount code is:ExtraSharp41328357

view T's here ~ http://www.redbubble.com/people/dragonassbabe


clickable images (gimp users)

tought myself a new lesson for marketing on the net. clickable image. you know all those buttons you see and pics ,when you click it takes you to another page. thats it, what im talking about lol. ill give you the site i learned from so you can make your own.
it took me a bit to figure out how to post the image because it was unclear. the image you create for this is uploaded to a host like photobucket separate from the codes. your image url on photobucket is inserted in the code.        ~just so i clarify what they left out, if you wonder when you get to that step there it is.~

i have put this in my blog as stationary with an html editor box.i can show you how i did that.


lightning strike

5 styles of T's over 20 colors to choose from and you get to pick if you wnat the print on front or back.
 100% cotton American Apparel goodness, and available in cuts to suit men and women.
sizing chart available so you can pick the right T for you. 
baby clothes and 2-12 yr old sizes available.


web art

avi's/profile pics $3
banners $5
wallpaper/backgroundds $10
possable custom work with these.names can be added,colors altered,sizes custum to fit your pages.
paypal accepted.


"morph" image above,was a custom design for a client.
given free reign for shape,the client chose the bright colors. 
this image is not for sale



this new fractal is composed with several renders. linking with eachother making a intense image to view. the larger the print the more to see. enjoy this now print in any style of print from cards to poster.


"droplet" looks like a drop of water on a leaf. guess again lol. it is a digital fractal image with no photoshoping.
this bright and beautyful image can be found at my redbuble>>  http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/20134305