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masquerade version 2

Apon request, the first masquerade was wanted in more than cards. So i have created another version that has a resolution to make posters and canvas.
framed print
med- 18x12
choose frame color- and style



Almost done for the week card series. one more  to the set and it will be complete.
Here i have for you is an animated card for Tuesdays.


Saturday e-card

her it is saturday e-card ready to go for you to just right click and save. send to all your friends and family. soon these will be over and i wont be making them for a while once the set is completed.


shooting stars wallpaper/background

shooting stars layered on a rainbow background fits perfictly on the desktop and just right colors to brighten up your room!
get shooting stars at the art firs shop. all is needed to delever is your email in my artfire mailbox to send it to you.


feathered eye wallpaper/background

"feathered eye" wallpaper is a 1200x1000 pixal fractal. The image is yours with out a watermark sent to you through email. $10 for all wallpapers


The e-card for thursday is here! Open up that imagination to go places and share with your family and friends.
right click and save this to send to all your loved ones.


tearful eye on a smokey cloud fractal

All our adult clothing is 100% cotton American Apparel goodness, and available in cuts to suit men and women. They're sweatshop free and extraordinarily soft, and we know that both of these things matter to you. Wash them cold and hang them up to dry, it'll keep them looking great, and is quite good for the environment too.
Win win

The grey line around the graphic is our cut mark, your sticker will look exactly as above, so some designs may be more than one piece. They will be printed to fit best on a 3x4" template, so a square image will have a maximum size of 3x3". The designs will have 3mm of white padding around them which is included in the overall size. We will also never enlarge an image, if the design is 1x1" that's the size it will print.
The material is a tough, white, premium vinyl sticker, good for almost any very flat surface, windows, smooth walls and laptops are ideal; bricks and wood not so. They are removable and can be taken down with little to no residue, but they're not designed to be re-stuck. We obviously can't guarantee all surfaces, some common sense will be necessary. Outdoors they'll last for at least 18 months.
The children's apparel is all 100% ring-spun combed cotton, constructed once again by American Apparel, so they're sweatshop free and extraordinarily soft. We tell you because we know you care about the clothes your children wear. It's really a boutique quality garment don't you know. 
The One-Piece is crafted from 100% ring-spun combed cotton with three reinforced snap buttons. Available in short and long sleeve at 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 month. We've provided some measurements here, but we appreciate babies have a habit of being arbitrary sizes, so we'd like to tell you these are super soft and quite stretchy as well. And it has a lap shoulder to fit their exceptionally large baby heads through. The Baby T-Shirt, as well as being impossible cute, is constructed exactly as the One-Piece above, same size range, same lap shoulder, just as soft and stretchy. It's really a delicate, high end look that sets it apart from other baby tees. 
Once again a superior 100% ring-spun combed cotton with a durable rib neckband. This is simply a smaller version of the already immensely popular adult unisex American Apparel t-shirt. Available in sizes 2/4/6/8/10 and 12 years. A


friday free day of the week e-card

todays day of the week e-card for friday. will be making these once a week till all compleeted.
use to send to your frineds and family in social sites or email.
right click and save.


fires within

Frames are crafted from quality timbers in a range of finishes. A white, off-white or black matte surrounds the print to emphasize the artist’s work and bring the piece to life. Premium ultra-clear perspex in front provides a superior finish and means the piece is lighter and easier for you to move without breaking.

asian flowers wallpaper/background

artfire buy page

744x1052 pixels
these flowers are a background/wallpaper sold for $!0 at the artfire shop.
was taking a lesson for inkscape to create flowers in the program. luckily for you it was not big enuff to place on prints so i have left it here for a lucky buyer at the cheep price.

new light

"new light" print available in postcards,greeting cards,laminated,matt,framed,canvas and poster.
new light brought fourth in the new awakening of the next chapter of life. possibilities  never ending of what can be dreamed and seen with a little faith.

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