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"rainbow grow" stickers

Everything You Need To Know About Stickers

You have not been deceived, these really are individual die-cut stickers. It's quite revolutionary, & while we have your attention we'd like to explain a few things.
The grey line around the graphic is our cut mark, your sticker will look exactly as above, so some designs may be more than one piece. They will be printed to fit best on a 3x4" template, so a square image will have a maximum size of 3x3". The designs will have 3mm of white padding around them which is included in the overall size. We will also never enlarge an image, if the design is 1x1" that's the size it will print.
The material is a tough, white, premium vinyl sticker, good for almost any very flat surface, windows, smooth walls and laptops are ideal; bricks and wood not so. They are removable and can be taken down with little to no residue, but they're not designed to be re-stuck. We obviously can't guarantee all surfaces, some common sense will be necessary. Outdoors they'll last for at least 18 months.
We do not print white, as the material itself is already, so any designs that utilise white may appear quite odd and are best avoided.
Get sticking then.

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