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Teddy,oh so loved teddy

We all have had a loved one in out childhood that was at our side best friend and fave toy. Teddy bears are one of the most beloved toy for children next to dolls and blankies. Not only a childs best friend but all so cute on clothing. Baby clothes with babys friend printed on it or any other cute images. 

dont forget there are stickers too!!


"universal love"

I have been a busy bee lately taking lessons for my program GIMP. Many hours and days later Doing exciting new layering and coloring i come out with a new image with a different twist for my fractals. 
Today i show you "universal love"!
A wonderful stared background,gasses,stars,bursts,and deep rich color. The fractal purple shaded heart layes right in the middle of nowhere.

T's and stickers > http://www.redbubble.com/people/dragonassbabe/t-shirts/6095703-2-universal-love-t


blue galaxy

link >> "blue galaxy" viewing/buy page

Newly added to the gallery,featured by fractal abstracts group.
"blue galaxy" is made of many renders of fractal bubbles,spirals and with layers of fog and color editing. All made with Apophysis and GIMP programs.
see "blue galaxy" up close > http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/6056935-greeting-card


new scenery

I have a new addition to the scenery collection to add. This time it is in all prints! Before i had only made it small to try it out and it seems to be a fave among friends, so why not keep doing it. Some of the group admin thought one to be a photo! lol Sorry no, no photos here. Though i would like to get a decent camera some time and maybe work that in. But for today you have only fractrals.
These are made with many renders,making pieces that i can arrange on a blank canvas in gimp.For a roundabout 2500x3200 pixal image, it took a long time to render out these pieces. Actually took less time putting it together.

"summer evergreens"
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